Jorge & Nadia Discuss How To Do Corporate Rentals

Landlords who turn their rentals into corporate housing—renting a furnished apartment or home to business—can make eight to 10 times more money than they might with a typical.

Corporate housing is most appealing to people who travel for work and are away on business for weeks or months at a time, and it’s a different style of housing. In addition to being furnished, all utilities and other services are included. It’s like an exclusive hotel without daily housekeeping.

You can customize your corporate housing to appeal to clients who want a luxury environment, white and blue-collar employees who prefer a homier environment, or insurance companies that need to house displaced families for extended periods of time.

All of these options can be highly profitable depending on how you decide to run your corporate housing rental business and what the competition—hotels, Airbnb, and other corporate housing in your town—offers.

Let’s set up a time to talk about how we can maximize your property’s income for next year by using some of these advanced strategies! Ask me about our free property assessment evaluation!

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Michelle Bellagamba

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